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La Taberna di Rocca Calascio

A window into the Abruzzese
wine and culinary tradition

Nestled in the charming village at the base of the historic Ladyhawke castle, La Taberna di Rocca Calascio is a multi-faceted establishment, comprising a restaurant, inn, guesthouse, and a shop offering typical products. It enthralls the taste buds and senses of visitors and tourists who ascend to this location, approximately 1,400 meters above sea level, to explore the castle’s ridge on foot—a site that has served as inspiration for poets and filmmakers.

Located beneath one of the world’s most stunning castles, amid the lanes of the village preserved in their medieval authenticity, you’ll find La Taberna di Rocca Calascio. This tavern boasts a traditional barrel vault and walls made of exposed stone, creating an environment where the inviting ambiance and the aroma of delightful offerings are the elements that enchant and draw you in.


Our kitchen’s dishes come from non-intensive farming and zero-kilometer sources.


Our rooms are the perfect starting point to explore the Rocca.


Our masterpiece, the 30-month aged Grana di Pecora, discover its benefits.


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