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Gran Sasso Cheese

Our Gran Sasso Cheese is born directly in the caves at the foot of the enchanting Rocca Calascio castle (L’Aquila), where since 2011, father and son refine wheels of Gran Sasso, the quintessential grana of Abruzzo.

Under optimal conditions takes place the aging process of Taberna’s unique cheese, the sheep’s grana. Rocca Calascio is an ideal backdrop to cultivate a dairy philosophy that narrates the tale of Abruzzo. This narrative unfolds not only due to the microclimatic conditions within Taberna’s cave but also emanates from the identity of this enchanting locale, a pivotal point for transhumance that historically links our region to the Tavoliere delle Puglie.

The Gran Sasso cheese is a recently born, hard-textured cheese with a long aging process. The innovation in this cheese lies in the processing that plays a fundamental role; it is made with the classic grana technique but with 100% raw sheep’s milk.

The most recent inclusion is named Gran Sasso Cynara, a Sheep’s Grana crafted with vegetable rennet, diverging from the traditional animal rennet. The methodology mirrors that of the classic Gran Sasso Grana, encompassing the identical aging site and duration of 30 months. The sole distinction lies in Cynara’s coagulation process, achieved through the use of wild thistle, after which the cheese is aptly named. It is an organically produced, lactose-free certified cheese, a characteristic attributed to its extensive 30-month aging period.

Cynara has a soft, oily flavor, a sheep’s grana, but it lacks the spiciness of classic pecorino.


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